Baby Daddy Drama
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Baby Daddy Drama

Do you have “baby daddy drama”?  Is the father of your child not paying you child support, is he suing you for paternity, seeking child support from you, denying you time with your child, or otherwise being a thorn in your side?  We can help.

Most of these baby daddy drama issues are handled by family law judges in the context of a paternity lawsuit.

When you and the father of your child are not and have never been married, you can experience many of the same legal issues that a divorcing couple may experience.  Not the least of these issues is timesharing (custody) of the child, child support, parental responsibility, and other issues pertaining to the relationship between you and your child.

We  are here to help.  Mr. Radeline is Board Certified by the Florida Bar as an expert in this type of case, and he will work with you to protect your interests and the interests of your child.  Very significant decisions must be made early on in the litigation, including how much time to seek with your child.  Over the years, we have seen many women who are not being paid the child support that is legally owed them.  A side agreement you’re your baby daddy that ends up with him paying you far less than you deserve cheats both you and you’re your child.  Having an experienced attorney by your side through the process can pay for itself many times over both financially and emotionally.

Many people do not realize how many important legal issues arise in a paternity case.   Where your child lives, how much time you get with your child, who pays for child support and how much, how your child will be raised… these are just some of the significant, life-altering decisions that can be made by a judge in your case.  It is critical that you protect your interests.  Call us today for more information.