Strategy in Divorce Cases
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Strategy in Divorce Cases


If you and your spouse do not agree on how to handle all aspects of your divorce (and most couples do not agree), then you need to plan your winning strategy for the case.  Sometimes, people want to try to get out of the marriage with the least amount of “drama” possible.  If that is your goal, we can design a strategy to help accomplish that goal.  Sometimes, a spouse wants to maximize their potential outcome in the case, whether that means the most time with their kids, the most support they can receive, the least amount of loss to their assets, and so forth.  If that is your goal, we can help you there, too.  That’s why it’s important to hire a Board Certified Divorce expert to help you navigate your case.

At our firm, the case is designed around your goals.   We start with the end.  That is to say, we determine your goals for the case, and then we work backwards to the present to make a plan of how to achieve those goals.  We will put together a strategy with you and explain each step in the process.  Is your goal to have the kids live with you full-time?  Then we come up with a plan to help make that happen.  Is your goal to minimize your financial loss to your ex?  Then we discuss in detail what steps we can take to help you achieve that goal in the case.  Whatever it is, we are here to help you reach your desired outcome.  


We know you are human.  Divorce can be emotionally, financially, and spiritually challenging.  We will be with you each step of the way.  We understand if you get choked up at times.  We understand if you get angry or sad.  We understand you may change your mind a few times until you make a final decision.  We get it.  We’ve been there before with thousands of clients, and we will be there with you for this important time in your life.


We will build a team specifically for your case.  The leader of the team is Mr. Radeline.  He will personally answer your questions, go to court, and be your main contact person.  In every case, the other members of your team will include our legal assistants.  In some cases, we may need to retain one or more expert witnesses as a result of the unique circumstances of the case. Mr. Radeline will discuss this with you if it is required in your case, and we will add them to your team with your permission.  


Our goal is to achieve your goals.  No one has a crystal ball that predicts the future.  And no attorney can ever guarantee you any particular result in a contested divorce case.  We will work tirelessly to do everything we can to achieve a positive outcome for you.  We will also be realistic with our assessment of your case.


Our promise to you is to use all of our experience, resources, training, and education to work in your best interests.  We are here for you.  Your goals are our goals.  


Timing can be important and we will work with you to explain the steps that lie ahead in your case.  Like a conductor of an orchestra, Mr. Radeline will meticulously coordinate all of the moving parts in the divorce case to maximize the likelihood of a positive outcome for you.


We put a lot of thought into your case.  Mr. Radeline will personally direct the progression of your case.  This is not a “mill” law firm that treats you as just another client.  Because of the unique nature of our law firm, Mr. Radeline can focus his attention on you and your case.


Personal service is what sets us apart.  Mr. Radeline will be your main contact at the firm, from your initial consultation all the way through the end of your case.  You can expect him to take and return your calls, to answer your email, and to be the person who comes to court with you.  While we have support staff, they are just that– for support.  We do not require you to speak to a legal assistant instead of your attorney every time you need to speak to your attorney about your case.  That’s what makes our firm different–  you will receive personal service directly from the expert.


Sometimes judges make the wrong call.  We will do everything to achieve a positive outcome for you at trial, or a positive settlement before trial.  In fact, Mr. Radeline regularly appears in front of the judges in Pinellas, Pasco, and Hillsborough counties and is well-respected by judges and other attorneys.  But if your case goes to trial, even the best judges sometimes make a bad decision on one or more areas.  They are human, just like you and me.  Over 98% of our contested cases are not appealed.  But if an appeal is appropriate, Mr. Radeline has experience in divorce and family law appellate cases.  This is important for two reasons:  First, you can use our firm for the appeal and maintain continuity rather than starting over with a different firm.  Second, because Mr. Radeline is also a divorce appeals attorney, he handles his trial-level cases with an eye towards preserving the record for a successful appeal.  

FAQ On Strategy



What strategy should I use in my divorce case?

We start by looking at the end result that we want to achieve.  Then we work backwards from there to determine what we need to do to help make that happen.  We put together a list of action items.  We determine who needs to be on our team.  And we keep you informed every step of the way.


How do I know I need an expert?

Talk to your attorney about it.  An experienced and Board Certified divorce attorney will be able to make recommendations about who will be on your divorce team.  Many divorces do not require expert testimony.


How much do expert witnesses cost?

The cost varies widely depending on who you use, their specialty, the complexity of your case, and any time restraints imposed.  Talk to your attorney about the specifics.  At our firm, no decision will be made regarding expert witnesses without your authorization.  Mr. Radeline will present all of the options, and he will make a recommendation.  The decision is always up to you.  


What are the different types of expert witnesses?

There are many professions who may provide expert testimony from time to time in divorce cases.  Some of the more common are appraisers, accountants, vocational rehabilitation specialists, physicians, counselors, psychologists, psychiatrists, social investigators, and business valuation experts.


Why should I hire your law firm?

Because you want the best possible representation.  We are experienced, compassionate, aggressive, and reasonable.  Mr. Radeline is Board Certified by the Florida Bar in Marital and Family Law, and less than one percent (1%) of attorneys in Florida are Board Certified in this specialty.  That means Mr. Radeline has been designated by the Florida Bar as an expert in your type of case.  It’s what he does, all day every day.  

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